Dreamcatchers – Animation

South American Animation Studio chooses Vibe Studios for the localisation of Los Atrapasueños (The Dreamcatchers) to English. The Dreamcatchers is an animation about a group of teenagers who live in a fantastic world of dreams where logic and imagination are mixed together. Vibe Studios directed, recorded and type casted the characters of this top class animation film. Although a tight deadline had to be adhered to, Vibe Studios delivered on time and Colombian Clients were extremely happy with the result. – more »

Ethias TV Commercials – Buurtfixers

The Belgian Insurance company Ethias has chosen Vibe Studios to create the sound design for their brand new campaign called the Buurtfixers. Vibe Studios created the sound design for the brilliantly produced animation. The voice over casting and recording was also managed by the Vibe team. Our Solid State Logic console was used for the final mixing. – more »

Sound Design and 7.1 Mix for Jules Destrooper

Jules Destrooper is a famous Belgian bakery of traditional biscuits since 1886. Here at Vibe Studios, we did not bake any biscuits but we did do the sound design, and mixing services for the brand new museum of Jules Destrooper. We were asked to reconstruct the sounds of a 19th century market place in 7.1 Surround. We also were asked to record a conversation of 4 women on location, speaking the dialect of that time. Finally everything was put in place in the mixing stage on our digital SSL console. – more »

Ergosleep TV Commercials

Sleeping is something we do on daily base but definitely not at Vibe Studios. Ergosleep is a leading constructor of Mattresses and Box Springs which are tuned to your Sleep DNA. We were asked to localise the Ergosleep TV Commercials to two new markets: The Netherlands and France. We re-mastered the soundtrack, organised a voice casting and produced the final broadcast ready mix of the TV advertisements. – more »

Europarl TV Overdubs in 21 languages

The European Parliament launched a video platform targeting young children to teach them more about what Europe is all about. Vibe Voices and Vibe Studios were consulted for the localisation of all videos in 21 languages. On a monthly basis, we delivered a number of videos that were dubbed in all European languages. The deadline was extremely tight but Vibe Studios delivered the quality that the European Parliament was looking for and within the given time frame. »

So British - Sound Restoration

The Butterfly Ball (Roger Glover - Love is All) is the very first animated music video in history. Vibe Studios was consulted for the sound restoration of this material. And 4 others too: Foo Foo, Hamilton, Owl Pussycat, Snip Snap and Symphonie. Everything was digitally restored and re-mastered. We were happy to be part of the restoration process of this unique video material. – more »

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