Television / DVD

Sound re-recording/Mixing

Vibe Studios offers mixing in many formats, whether your TV production needs Stereo or 5.1 Surround. We deliver whatever you require. Vibe Studios owns the one and only Solid State Logic C300 Digital Master console in the entire Benelux area offering up to 512 channels and 80 busses all this at up to 96 KHz for HD productions.

ADR/Voice Over

ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) and voice over sessions are possible at our facility whether you require one or many languages. We also offer the possibility to record remote sessions with voice overs around the globe and remote attendance to the session via phone patch or in high quality via online streaming.

Sound Design

Sound effects and sound scapes are essential in each and every production. No matter the style of your production, we are able to create terrifying (custom) sound effects or heavenly sounding soundscapes.

Sound Editorial

Dialogue/ADR, music, sound effects and Foley editing is often an underestimated process that is essential as it makes sure that every element is in place and has had the attention it needs to perfectly fit in the Mix.


Our transfer bay allows us to transfer and convert almost any format from one to another or the other way around. We also are able to link up via ISDN or IP to studios in our worldwide network. Upon request we are able to deliver TV shows on DIGI BETA or any other carrier.

Vibe Studios
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