Game Audio

Sound re-recording/Mixing

Vibe Studios offers mixing in many formats, whether need Stereo or any other Surround format. We deliver whatever you require. Vibe Studios owns the one and only Solid State Logic C300 Digital Master console in the entire Benelux area offering up to 512 channels and 80 busses all this at up to 96 KHz. We can easily handle complex mixing projects that the gaming industry requires.

ADR/Voice Over

Whether you would like to localise a video game to another market or are in the production stage and would like to produce the game for multiple markets in multiple languages, we are able to help with the recording, directing and casting of voice actors (voice bookings are provided by Vibe Voices)

Remote Sessions

A very common problem is that production team members are often at different location around the world. Thanks to today’s technology, we bring all of them together. We are able to stream the studio feed to one or many participants and bring the studio to your office or even to your home.

Sound Design

We bring picture alive with appropriate sound design. We add the energy and impact to explosions and create that hyper real atmosphere games need.

Sound Editorial

Dialogue/ADR, music, sound effects and Foley editing is often underestimated process that’s essential as it makes sure that every element is in place and has had the attention it needs to perfectly fit in the Mix.


High Speed transfers and secure archiving of your project are only one of the digital possibilities we are able to offer.

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