Vibe Studios was established in 2004 with the aim of recording Flemish voice-overs. Over the years, multilingual recordings were added to the list (now Vibe Voices). Audio post production and game audio, as well as archiving and sound restoration now complete the services on offer.

From the start, the company adapted a strong customer-oriented approach, focussing on quality, both with regard to knowledge and infrastructure. In 2010, Vibe Studios invested in the first Solid State Logic C300 Master Console to be able to offer the flexibility and quality that a demanding market expects.

Currently, Vibe Studios provides sound mixing, dubbing and lip-sync for animation films, mixing for TV and short film/film amongst other projects. Sound design and mixing for games, archiving and sound restoration of old or damaged recordings, for example from films, LP, tape and cassettes and voice- over recordings in more than 40 languages (Vibe Voices).

Vibe Studios
Industriepark - Drongen 14/207
B-9031 Drongen

Phone: +32 (0)9 277 92 54
ISDN (APT): +32 9 221 35 18
  +32 9 221 35 19

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